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At Boost Marketing, we use a holistic approach combining A/B Testing, SEO, and website performance optimization to fine-tune your website. This ensures more visitors become paying customers, making your ad spend work harder for you.
Store design
& setup

First impressions count! Our in-house creative team will help you design a beautifully branded website and online shop that'll help customers fall in love with your product.

Linking of menu & pages
Custom graphics & page design
Payment gateway sign-up
Product uploads
Match your CI & Brand identity
Stock & Product descriptions
SEO & all other settings
Ready to make some sales!
Personalised branding & graphics

Look good, sell more. Our talented graphic designers use beautiful aesthetics to boost conversion rates by building a robust visual brand language that'll help your brand stand out. 

Logo Design
Website banner design
Social post templates
Social Media Branding
Product image optimisation
Social media ads & posts
Email newsletter
Additional Website pages

Marketing assistance from the pros! We'll identify where your most valuable customers are searching or browsing, and ensure your products and unique selling propositions are seen.

Real-time marketing dashboard
Monthly insights reports
Assigned account manager
Digital Marketing strategy
Campaign management
Stock & Product descriptions
SEO & all other settings
Ready to make some sales!

Marketing assistance from the pros! We'll identify where your most valuable customers are searching or browsing, and ensure your products and unique selling propositions are seen.

A/B testing & experiments
Ad copy improvements
Express Ads for quick campaigns

What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves enhancing your website to improve your conversion rate. Essentially, this means aiming to get the highest possible proportion of visitors to your website to take the action you desire, such as making a purchase or signing up.
Increase conversion rates

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your conversion rates, and optimization with A/B testing takes you to the next level.

Reduce cost per acquisition

Higher conversion rates means you get more business from your current traffic, and reduce cost per acquisition.

Improve your ROI

Stop wasting money on more traffic. Get more leads on your existing traffic instead. At the end, this skyrockets your ROI.

A holistic approach to CRO

Our approach combines a diverse range of techniques, all working together to deliver impactful outcomes. By employing this multifaceted strategy, we can significantly Boost your conversion rates, leading to measurable improvements and driving more conversions.
Our Playbook

We've been around the block. We know what works, and what doesn't. Our experience allows us to quickly identify high impact opportunities.

A/B Testing

Our 'no-code required' A/B testing compares two variations of a journey to determine which performs better with users and drives more conversions.


We apply On-Page, Technical, and e-Commerce SEO, optimizing your content, structure, and products for enhanced visibility and search performance.


We enhance your site's speed, usability, and reliability, ensuring a seamless user experience and better engagement with your audience.

New clients receive up to R6,000 in Google Ads credit with Boost

Terms & Conditions Apply

Get a tailor made optimization
solution for your business

Our conversion rate optimization team will work with you to analyze your site's user experience, leverage data-driven CRO techniques, and implement targeted strategies that Boost your website's conversion rates and overall performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Starting at
/ month

How we determine pricing

Scope and Complexity of the Project

The more intricate your website is, the more time, resources, and expertise we need to optimize it effectively.

Tools and Techniques Used

Each website is unique, and so are the strategies we use. We select from a variety of techniques to best suit your site's needs.

Frequency of Experimentation

Regular testing is crucial for finding the best ways to improve your website. The depth and frequency of these experiments can expand the project scope.

Everything you need to succeed

Leveraging the latest in conversion rate optimization, we utilize a comprehensive approach to turn your website visitors into customers. Our expertise lies in applying tailored strategies that align with your unique business objectives, ensuring each interaction on your site is an opportunity for conversion and growth.

Data & Analysis
In-depth insights and data-driven approaches form the backbone of our strategy, ensuring every decision is informed and effective.
In-depth Customer Analytics
A/B and Multivariate Testing
Conversion Funnel Analysis
Test Driven Process
Our methodology is rooted in continuous testing, ensuring that your website is always at the forefront of CRO effectiveness.
Iterative Testing Cycles
User Experience Optimization
Performance Benchmarking
Technical Expertise
Our team, with the mindset and expertise of experienced software engineers, adeptly navigates the complexities of website optimization.
Site Speed Optimization
Innovative Solution Development
Systematic Approach to  Challenges
Reporting & Insight
Our approach includes detailed reporting and insightful analysis, providing you with a clear understanding of our impact.
Real-time Performance Metrics
Actionable Insights and Reports
Strategic Improvement Planning

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