How we TRIPLED Stanley Safaris monthly website leads

Find out how we helped to triple the amount of monthly website leads Stanley Safaris received.

About The Client

Stanley Safaris is a specialized luxury safari tour operator based in South Africa. They create meticulously planned, bespoke African safaris. Their carefully curated, lavish expeditions to Africa are uniquely tailored to the desires and preferences of their clients, using their vast knowledge of the African landscape.

They partner exclusively with small, privately-owned camps and lodges that share their unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional safari experience. This experience places a premium on expert guidance and the holistic satisfaction of their guests.

Although they cater to clients globally, Stanley Safaris primarily targets American patrons, whom they serve with unparalleled attention and service.

The objectives

We were asked to bolster Stanley Safaris monthly lead generation through the utilization of Google and Meta Ads platforms.

The approach

To enhance the lead generation rate for Stanley Safaris within a monthly time frame, a thorough evaluation of the customer journey was undertaken as the initial step.

Based on the evaluation, it was established that the website necessitated an overhaul to align with the preferences of the target audience. Furthermore, we incorporated new and captivating media into the advertisements to make the ads more appealing. The landing page that the advertisements directed users to was updated, and modifications were suggested for the enquiry form.

As part of the strategic expansion, Mexico emerged as a promising market and was included in the targeted audience. Subsequently, a campaign tailored to the Mexican audience was devised and launched after it demonstrated favorable results in the testing phase.

The results

Through a comparative analysis between the most recent three-month period and the preceding three-month period, we have derived the following outcomes.

Notably, we have successfully managed to reduce the cost per lead, resulting in a considerable surge in the number of leads generated per month. Specifically, our lead volume has increased by a remarkable 362%, rising from 15 leads per three months to 72 leads per three months.

Furthermore, our average cost per click (CPC) has decreased by 31%, declining from R14.18 to R9.82. Additionally, our average cost per lead has experienced a significant decrease of 79%, plummeting from R2399.99 before the implementation of the proposed changes to a mere R500.01.

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