Leveraging Notable Days to BOOST Website Sales.

The objective was to capitalize on Valentine's Day in order to increase website sales.

About The Client

Takkleberry is a small team of visionary female artisans dedicated to crafting exquisite everyday lingerie. In 2017, Taryn King was disappointed by the limited options for ethically sourced and comfortable undergarments in South Africa. This inspired her to establish a business that would cater to the tastes of conscientious customers.

At Takkleberry, the materials utilized in the manufacturing process are a carefully curated blend of locally-sourced imported embossed lace, soft scalloped lace, cotton, and superfine mesh, as well as locally-made elastics, bra straps, brass rings, sliders, and bows. The brand is committed to a zero-waste policy and repurposes off-cuts and end-of-rolls for the creation of other garments or stuffing dog beds at shelters. Additionally, to avoid the use of single-use plastics, Takkleberry packages its orders in a tastefully handcrafted cotton and lace bag that can double as a potpourri holder, travel bag, or jewelry pouch.

The objectives

Shopstar Boost had been handling Takkleberry's ad campaigns for a while, leading up to their latest campaign. The focus of the new campaign was to make the most of Valentine's Day by driving a notable boost in online sales for the website.

The approach

Valentine's Day represents an opportunity to lavish our loved ones with tokens of affection and express our deepest sentiments. To that end, we implemented a strategic campaign that yielded impressive results, including a significant boost in sales and return on investment.

By crafting compelling ads featuring imagery and video content that captured the essence of the Valentine's Day spirit, we were able to engage a wider audience. We included male targeting for this campaign, and our messaging to men centered on the notion of "treat her," and was carefully tailored to appeal to their romantic sensibilities. Furthermore, to resonate more with our female audience we optimised the existing messaging using the empowering phrase "treat yourself" to drive engagement and conversions

The results

Upon conducting thorough analysis that compared the six months preceding the Valentine's Day campaign to the results achieved during the campaign, we observed significant improvements in key performance indicators. In particular, we were able to achieve a marked decrease in cost per result (website purchase), while concurrently achieving an increase in daily sales and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Prior to the Valentine's Day campaign, our average daily sales stood at 1.62. However, during the campaign, this figure skyrocketed to an impressive 7.44, marking a remarkable increase of 362%. Moreover, our return on ad spend demonstrated a striking improvement, surging 103% from 8.30x to 16.90x, attesting to the efficacy of our strategic marketing approach.

Additionally, we succeeded in reducing the cost per result by a significant 59%, from R188.68 to R77.19, during the Valentine's Day campaign.

These results reflect our team's concerted efforts to optimize our advertising strategies and capitalize on the heightened consumer engagement and purchase intent during the season of love.

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